Thin Clients 101

December 6, 2017 by Area 51 Data Solutions

Thin Clients 101

December 6, 2017 10:46 am

A bank of computers utilizing thin clients.

Also sometimes referred to as a lean, zero or slim client, a thin client is a computer or computer program that heavily depends on a server to fulfill it’s computing functions.  It is a small, fanless terminal that does not have a hard drive.  Software applications, sensitive data, memory and the like are all stored on the server that the thin client utilizes.  These components are not stored on the thin client device like they are on a traditional desktop or laptop workstation.

Thin clients are an increasingly popular choice among small and medium businesses and enterprises to replace PCs and traditional workstations.  They are light, small devices and are easier to maintain and at a reduced total cost.  Cost as well as security, manageability and scalability are all benefits of transitioning to a thin client.

Find out if switching to thin clients makes sense for your business.  Area 51 Data Solutions can help you make the move.  We’ll conduct the necessary software and hardware inventory as well as develop and execute your data back-up plan to ensure a smooth transition.