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Area 51 Data Solutions has extensive experience providing IT service and support to accounting and financial services firms and we understand your needs. Our team understands that accounting is data critical. It’s crucial that your firm has reliable IT support as well as data backups not only for your firm, but for your client data as well.

We also know that from September 1 through December 31 is a busy time and that January 1 through April 15 is a hectic time. Because of your seasonal schedule we work to make sure that any and all IT needs have been reviewed and resolved by the end of August. With this proactive approach, we work to make sure that you have minimal interruption during your busiest time of year so you can focus on your business. Then when May rolls around, we’re ready and waiting for new projects you’re looking to get underway!

When you do need assistance, on or off season, rest assured your business will have minimal impact.  

Below are some of the many benefits you receive when working with us:

tickGet a person every time you call us.

No longer waste time and aggravation with automated menu prompts!

tickNo waiting on hold!

We will create a ticket if techs are busy at the time of your call. Our techs will acknowledge your issue the same day and will have already looked into or fixed the issue by the time they follow-up with you to save you time.

tickDon’t repeat yourself.

Avoid being passed along the chain to a service technician and having to repeat yourself to multiple departments.

tickFriendly and professional technicians.

Our courteous and friendly technicians understand your needs and how IT affects your business. Don’t waste time and frustration with anti-social techs that make things hard to understand.

Our team is very knowledgeable with a number of accounting specific software and vendor needs, such as:


We’re a Certified Gold Developer with QuickBooks. From installing an application to integrating one application with another, we’ve got you covered.

Why us?

The way we measure our success is part of what makes us different. A clean, functional, and well designed IT infrastructure is a great goal - a goal we will always strive for. Beyond that though, we seek to make improvements to your accounting firm, processes, and ultimately the bottom line. We combine the latest hardware, software, and networking technology available to accomplish your goals in the most efficient process possible.

Real World Examples

- Accounting firms rely heavily on communication. When a machine on the network got a virus, it flooded the server with email - which would have gotten their network blacklisted - potentially making all outbound email be lost as spam. Through Vision, our proactive monitoring, we were able to stop the outbound mail the same day - and address the issue before it cost them business.

- We were able to utilize video conferencing with screen sharing to allow a local firm to reach their customers from outside the office or in remote branches. Customers could continue to come to the local office they have always worked with, and meet with their primary contact as if he was in the office.

- We have integrated systems to allow for secure transmission of returns, and other documents - to save time and energy when communicating with clients.

- Document archive and retrieval is very important for financial data. We can tailor backup and archive systems to fit the need at hand. We built and integrated software to create a weekly archive, as well as a daily backup for a small accounting firm.

- We have implemented simple off site procedures to protect the firms' data from theft or natural disaster, while avoiding the cost of remote or cloud storage.

- A local firm wanted to be able to receive time cards from remote employees, in a secure and simple fashion. We integrated a web solution to enable a seamless submission process, to get the data where it needed to go securely.


With Area 51 Vision, your firm will maintain the highest level of security for client and confidential data.

If Area 51 Vision detects an issue with your backups and systems, rest assured you'll have limited down time with our quick response and remote support for workstations and mobile employees that's part of the package!

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When you partner with Area 51 Fusion, you'll receive enterprise IT level service for a flat monthly rate. This program will also allow grow and expand with your needs.

Maintain the highest level of security for client and confidential data with Area 51 Fusion. And should an issue come up, rest assured there will be limited down time with our guaranteed response time and unlimied remote support assistance.

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Additional Services

Area 51 Consulting provides a vast array of IT services and support. And for IT support and services that fall outside of our scope, we have recommendations to ensure all of your business IT needs are taken care of.

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