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Financial Services

Area 51 Data Solutions has extensive experience providing IT service and support to accounting and financial services firms and we understand your needs. Our team understands that accounting is data critical. It's crucial that your firm has reliable IT support as well as data backups not only for your firm, but for your client data as well.

We also know that from September 1 through December 31 is a busy time and that January 1 through April 15 is a hectic time. Because of your seasonal schedule we work to make sure that any and all IT needs have been reviewed and resolved by the end of August. With this proactive approach, we work to make sure that you have minimal interruption during your busiest time of year so you can focus on your business. Then when May rolls around, we're ready and waiting for new projects you're looking to get underway!

When you do need assistance, on or off season, rest assured your business will have minimal impact. Our team is very knowledgeable with a number of accounting specific software and vendor needs, such as: