Industrial Companies

Area 51 Data Solutions has extensive experience providing IT service and support to industrial and manufacturing companies and we understand your needs. Our team understands that manufacturing is very reliant on their IT network, data archives and cannot be hindered by interruption and downtime. It’s crucial that your firm has reliable IT support as well as data backups not only for your firm but for your client data as well.

We know that you rely on your archives for design and job data and need to have proper server storage and data backup. We also understand that manufacturers must have a solid and secure technology network. With job transfers coming from CAD on PCs to CNC machines it’s vital that all network items can talk to one another.

Our team is very knowledgeable with a number of industrial and manufacturing specific software and vendor needs, such as:

Why us?

The way we measure our success is part of what makes us different. A clean, functional, and well designed IT infrastructure is a great goal - a goal we will always strive for. Beyond that though, we seek to make improvements to your manufacturing business, processes, and ultimately the bottom line. We combine the latest hardware, software, and networking technology available to accomplish your goals in the most efficient process possible.

Real World Examples

- A new network backup system was installed, and within a week - was put to the test. We restored the SQL data to within an hour of the target date/time. The backup system we were replacing had not backed up successfully - exposing the company to potential data loss.

- A high precision machining company has had their company's data saved by our Vision program twice over the course of a year. Hard drives fail periodically, due to just plain wear and tear if nothing else. If your server has a redundant disk array, which most should, your server can continue operating through a disk failure.

Disk redundancy is a great feature, but it also means that without proactive monitoring, you could lose a drive without anyone noticing. At that point, you believe in the safety and redundancy of your data - when at any moment, the next drive failure means the entire server is down and has lost its data.

-A local manufacturer utilized a mixed environment, with various machines and software vendors. After upgrading to newer software and PCs, they were able to simplify their network, and dramatically reduce their CAD production time. Part of the process went from 2 weeks (~80 man hours) down to under 1 hour due to advancements made in the software. Taking advantage of what the latest technology can offer your company is one of our primary purposes.


Area 51 Vision proactively monitors not only your backups but also your hardware to keep your machines working and in production. Get more out of your hardware investments with Area 51 Vision.

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Area 51 Fusion proactively monitors your backups and hardware to make sure everything is kept in working order with little to no down time.

Fusion also allows you to more readily Area 51 consultants who will maximize your technology. We can integrate multiple vendor environments and make them all work together. Our skilled technicians are also able to support and optimize legacy hardware and software.

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Additional Services

Area 51 Consulting provides a vast array of IT services and support. And for IT support and services that fall outside of our scope, we have recommendations to ensure all of your business IT needs are taken care of.

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