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Area 51 Data Solutions has extensive experience providing IT service and support to non-profit organizations and we understand your needs. Our team understands that non-profits need to work within stable, effective and efficient costs.

We know that your organization must work within budgets and seek efficient utilization of resources. Area 51 Data Solutions works with you and your board to give you cutting edge solutions at stable, effective cost. For non-profits we seek opensource, free software to fulfill your needs, such as:

Why us?

The way we measure our success is part of what makes us different. A clean, functional, and well designed IT infrastructure is a great goal - a goal we will always strive for. Beyond that though, we seek to make improvements to your non-profit processes, and ultimately the bottom line. We combine the latest hardware, software, and networking technology available to accomplish your goals in the most efficient process possible.

Real World Examples

- We were able to utilize licensing available to non-profit organizations and save $3000 on a single server replacement project.

- Servers can be configured to longer life spans than a typical commercial company may utilize. Many non-profit organizations choose to take advantage of the flexibility. We were able to build a server with a longer life span to fit the budgetary process of a non-profit organization and maximize their ROI.


Area 51 Vision is a budget friendly IT service that works to make sure your backups and hardware are kept in working order. This proactive monitoring catches issues before they become a financial burden and helps you get more of your IT hardware investments.

Know that your hard earned funds are being put to good use with Area 51 Vision and that you'll stay up and running to focus on your cause.

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Your organization deserves enterprise level IT services. With a flat monthly rate, you can stay within your budgets and receive the great IT support you need.

With proactive monitoring to keep an eye on and extend the life of your IT hardware investments, you'll also receive unlimited HelpDesk support and guaranteed response time.

Area 51 Fusion also allows us to more easily and readily assist in creating a long-lasting, sound IT infrastructure to make your investments last. We also have extensive experience in integrating multiple vendors to simplify your life. And we work with non-profit friendly organizations to get the lowest, effective costs for your organization.

Know that your hard earned funds are being put to good use with Area 51 Fusion and that you'll stay up and running to focus on your cause.

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Additional Services

Area 51 Consulting provides a vast array of IT services and support. And for IT support and services that fall outside of our scope, we have recommendations to ensure all of your business IT needs are taken care of.

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